Conducting ToneArt Chamber Ensemble in Cross Over Genre Concert Oct 2, 4 2020

I will be conducting the first performances of 11 new works in live concert Friday Oct 2 in Copenhagen and Sunday Oct 4 in Århus. ToneArt Chamber Ensemble plays cross over genre compositions by Hugh Steinmetz, Kim Kristensen, Pernille Bevort, Kasper Bai, Irene Becker, Emil Hess, Pia Boda, Alexander Bardrum, Peter Jensen, Karsten Vogel and Olga Witte. Great privilege to have the trust of composers and musicians to guide us all through musical territories like Enchanted Forest, Thermonuclear Sunrise, Unstoppable Thought Trains, Mysterious landscapes, and many other outstanding creations. Come and listen, Yay to live music!

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