About Me

About me

I am a film music composer with more than 20 years of experience. I am focuses on composing music for movies and TV. And to orchestrate, arrange, conduct, and produce music for other composers/artists and large orchestras.

I compose music for movies in the genres Drama, Thriller, Documentary, Animation, Dramedy. My music underscores the emotional and dramatic changes in the stories in a very personal way.

What others say about me

Jørgen is a real film guy, I can recommend his work at the top level!

Conrad Pope
Los Angeles film composer/orchestrator

You certainly know your way around the score and orchestra.

Bill Ross
Los Angeles film composer/orchestrator

Jørgen is a very versatile composer/arranger, that we had the joy of working with for composing music to a short film with a soundtrack without dialogue, thus depending on a vivid, lively and playful score. Which is what Jørgen delivered, always upbeat, imaginative and generous.

Peter Hausner
director, Snowhouse ink

Jørgen is extremely professional in his work as well as very creative and goal oriented. But also on personal level it's a great pleasure to work together with Jørgen, and I will any time recommend him as composer for large scale feature film projects.

Martin Keller
Post-production coordinator

Jørgen is extremely talented as film composer.

Martin W Andersen

Jørgen is a great film music composer whose scores perfectly reflect the plots of movies!

Odkryj Muzykę
”Discover Music” Radio Aktywner

Jørgen has a very professional attitude, is extremely artistic talented and you feel in good hands, when working with him.

Karsten Madsen
Producer, TinyFilm

Very convincing material.

Bruce Broughton
Los Angeles film composer

Jorgen is a highly skilled composer.

Don Pippin
Broadway conductor and composer

Lauritsen is one of the best I have worked with.

Stephen Schwartz
Triple Academy Award Winner and Broadway composer.

This music will work everywhere; top level!

Skip Lievsay
Sound designer for Martin Scorsese and the Coen Brothers

The music is quite impressive.

Tom MacDougall
Senior Manager of Music Production, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Music composer

I also orchestrate and conduct the music of other composers in cross over and indie genres. I have expert knowledge at the international level of all sizes and types of musical ensembles. I currently work in Copenhagen Denmark, a little in Europe and a bit in Los Angeles, USA.

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